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NEN 2767 Condition assessment

The NEN 2767 Condition assessment is a uniform way to inspect and assess the construction and installation parts of the infrastructure and to assess their condition. The condition is the technical state of the construction or installation part.

The NEN 2767 arose from the idea that every condition assessment must be done in the same way. In this way, the results do not depend on the individual inspector and meaningful comparisons can be made. The condition assessment is standardised to achieve this. This consists of:

  • uniform decomposition of management objects
  • uniform classification of defects
  • a uniform defect list.


The decomposition is a division of the area into management objects, elements and structural parts. This is done on using the generic NEN 2767 database. The result is a structure to link data such as specifications or maintenance history. 

Inspection results

The inspection results provide input, for example for a maintenance contract or for planning (maintenance) measures and budgets. The inspection is done on the basis of quantifying and qualifying defects or deficiencies on structural parts. The condition is determined at the structural-part level and is aggregated to the element and management object level. The aggregation to project and asset portfolio level is organisation-specific, and not present within the NEN 2767 standard. 

The result of an inspection is a condition score and/or a care score. The condition score applies to the technical state of a structural part. For example, if the glass of a matrix sign is cracked making it difficult to read, this is a technical defect. If the matrix sign is difficult to read because of moss growth on it, this is due to the care of the matrix sign. This is labelled as a deficiency and is given a care score. 

The condition score and care score are determined on the basis of three parameters: the seriousness of a defect, the scope of a defect and the intensity of a defect. 


Since April 2014, NPR 4768 has been made available as a supplement to concepts from NEN 2767-4-2. The NPR provides a supplement to NEN 2767-4-2 definitions and photos of the management objects, elements, structural parts and the intensity of defects. Photos are used to give insight into the intensity of the defects.

Products from NEN 2767 Condition assessment

  • Physical decomposition: complete decomposition
  • Report with technical and care condition